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Cash For Junk Cars!  


Let's be honest. What will you do with your vehicle if the engine locks up at 3 am, and it's going to cost more to repair it than your car is worth? That's right... JUNK IT. We offer the best prices for junk cars and can get you your cash quickly, efficiently, and remove that junk car in no time. Contact us today for top-quality junk car services or towing! We can help you. Call us right away, and we will dispatch to your location immediately. 

Should I consider selling my car to an auto salvage company?

If your car is not in working order, or not working properly - If your car is an older model, or doesn't appraise or have a good sell value - It's costing far too much money in repairs to maintain, or You have a junk car, SUV or Truck that is taking up space on your property Then you should consider selling it to us as salvage or junk car and getting cash TODAY! 


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At Brother's Towing, we understand what an eyesore it can be to have an unwanted vehicle on your property. Not only is it unsightly, but it’s harmful to the environment as well. Gases and oils from broken down vehicles can leak and expose natural surroundings to pollutants. Left unattended for extended periods of time, vehicle interiors become corroded and rust can form. Junk cars are indeed a problem when it comes to our ecosystem. Furthermore, unattended vehicles violate city ordinances. Don’t become a contributor; instead, do your part and call Brothers Towing!

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